Elderflower fritters

Sometimes cooking just has to be fun and not the daily grind of putting a meal on the table each night. Eating blossom covered in batter is just that.

The elderflower at the bottom of the garden is late to flower this year, but it meant that we could pick some blossom and go straight from garden to saucepan with it. I never thought I would write that. They were quite delicious; floral and scented and delicate. Do try them.



I followed Nigel Slater’s recipe exactly and cooked the fritters in a small saucepan with enough sunflower oil in the bottom so that the flower heads were completely submerged. My top tips would be

– to do the mise en place efficiently as once you have made the fritters you have to demolish them straightaway. I got ready an egg white for mixing in the batter, a cube of bread to test the oil temperature, a bowl of caster sugar for dredging, a ramekin of orange blossom honey and a spoon for drizzling.

-to pick single elderflower blossoms with quite a bit of stalk attached and then to use the stalk wedged into the handles of a fork to hold them in the oil.

-to spoon the batter scantily over the flowers and to shake off as much as possible before frying. That way, they expand and puff out excitingly when they hit the hot oil to form the requisite lacy shape. Like a first pancake, it took a bit of time to achieve a good one.

Elderflower fritter
Elderflower fritter

Author: Kate Roxburgh

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