Triple chocolate caramel cake

This triple chocolate caramel cake, is so big and so rich, that it was just right for L’s birthday. It’s four layers of sponge,  dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla,  sandwiched together with plain chocolate ganache, milk chocolate ganache and caramel ganache and then coated with plain chocolate ganache. Phew. The candle chandelier came from Tiger and is a nifty way of not having to count out candles once one gets beyond a certain age. It’s now going to appear in all the family birthday cake photos.

Triple chocolate caramel birthday cake
Triple chocolate caramel birthday cake

Lots of bowls were involved in the making of this cake and I found it easiest to weigh everything out first for the four different layers so I didn’t get in a muddle and then I cooked them in two lots of two.

I knew which one was which but the caramel and vanilla layer and the two chocolate layers look similar from above.


From the left, the caramel ganache, made from half a tin of caramelised condensed milk  and white chocolate, a big bowl of the plain chocolate ganache and on the right, the milk chocolate ganache.

The finished cake had to go on a circuitous journey from London to Oundle (in Northamptonshire) and then onto Cambridge the next day. It was too big for a tin or even my largest plastic box, so I  I put criss-crossed long pieces of paper into a cool bag, lowered the plated cake into the bag, and surrounded it with more paper and a ice pack for its travels.

This all worked fine, and on arrival at its final destination, we heaved it out the bag as if it was a Christmas pudding emerging from its steaming.


The slices of cake are big so we had to cut them very thinly and it is an enormous cake.  It seems extravagant, but I  worked out it cost me £12 to make. Top tip I bought the chocolate from Sainsburys basics range where a 100g bar is 35p. The ‘plain’ version is 52% cocoa solids so fine  for this kind of baking where you don’t need anything really expensive.






Author: Kate Roxburgh

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