Where we ate out in Stockholm

To be honest, this is not a post writing about expensive restaurant meals as we didn’t have any. But it is a post with some advice on cafes and cheaper places to eat. When I said I was going to Stockholm, everybody said to me, ‘ooh, its expensive, there.’ In fact, for us, as a factor of necessity, it wasn’t. Our cabin was in the middle of nowhere, so eating in was easiest in the evenings.

In fact, it was so hard to tear ourselves away from the view, that sometimes we only went into Stockholm in the afternoon, had a coffee and cake or should I say a cinnamon bun stop at teatime and then came home. There are Fabrique bakeries everywhere, some with cafes attached and if you have been to either of the two London branches, you will know how good they are.

We bought sourdough bread to eat in the cabin and managed to eat our way through the chocolate brownies with raspberries, the Viennese swirls, the cardamom bun, and  the apple and cinnamon pastry during our stay.

Vete-Katten in Kungsgarten is a Stockholm institution, a patisserie founded in 1928 and it still has that traditional old fashioned feel with swing back wooden doors, chandeliers, marble counters and lace doilies. Out of the main summer season, they serve an afternoon tea with

The serving system takes a little figuring out as you queue at a counter  to order your drink and choose your cake and then you walk through a warren of interconnecting rooms until you find a vacant table.

In each room, there’s also a serving station where you can help  yourself to more tea or coffee while the staff whizz around clearing away and topping up the tea and coffee so that everything looked immaculate. We chose a slice of the famous Princesstarta, layers of light sponge, fresh cream and raspberries topped with a layer of marzipan and a pistachio pastry.

We also tried out an Espresso House in Vasagarten which is part of a chain, with cosy sofas and  fur rugs which would be great in the winter, but not so good in June and they did  a very good blueberry crumble cake.

Eating out for  a proper meal is expensive. I often gauge the prices on a menu by the cost of  a burger and one in a pretty gastropub on Gamla Stan was £18.50, with other mains between £20 and £25.

We did eat lunch at the Moderna Museet, (Modern Art Museum) which was greta value for money, and judging by the crowds, everyone else thought so too. We ate at noon and had a table with a magnificent view of the harbour. Later on, it was much more crowded. There is an option of two main courses, one of which is vegetarian, with a choice of three salads and then unlimited  bread and crisp bread. ( just to say, we did look at the art too.) Mine was a courgette, tomato and bean stew and was quite delicious.

Author: Kate Roxburgh

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