Self catering in Stockholm

As we were in the middle of nowhere, in a cabin by at the water, eating in was easiest for us but there’s always that problem on a city break of where actually to buy the food. Time for another gratuitous photo of the view from our cabin.

In fact, it was easy as there was a Lidl supermarket within a fifteen minutes drive where we could both buy the basics such as milk and butter and also explore for products which were particular to Sweden such as shelves and shelves of different jars and packs of lingonberry jam.

There were good breads, including rye breads and walnut bread, fillets of gravad lax, prawns and crayfish, Vasterbotten cheese, and piles and piles of different crispbreads. I do love looking round a supermarket in another country.


This meant we could easily put together delicious meals without doing lengthy cooking including salads with gravad lax and walnut bread,

a frittata with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms.

and an easy breakfast was easy with yoghurt and fruit and muesli.

Racks of sausages in the food market


Author: Kate Roxburgh

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