Diary August 30 2020

I spy a rainbow arched over a field and is a sign that there are good things to come this week. My elder daughter arranges ‘Eat out to help out’ at Dishoom, Carnaby St which by the way is not in Carnaby St at all after I speed right down to the bottom but in Kingly St. And because of Covid-19, they are now taking bookings for all party sizes and not jut for those of groups of six and over.
Chicken makhani, the famous black dhal, rice, roti, cucumber and yoghurt and salad accompanied by a non alcoholic pineapple and lime cocktail brightens up my day.

Lunch at Dishoom

And the next day, an unprepossessing picture of the most magnificent sandwich I have eaten lately from Sons and Daughters, in Granary Square, of focaccia with mortadella ham, Taleggio cheese, smoked Isle of Wight tomatoes, rocket, Thai basil and cider vinaigrette. Each constituent part is well considered and makes me smile as I remember years ago when a friend tried to convince me that mortadella meant dead donkey. 

Sandwich at Sons and Daughters

I cook short grain brown rice for the first time as I made Alice Hart’s baked tomatoes . Mine taste marvellous but they all collapse in the pan and so there’s no photo. I will try again and cook them tightly in a deep sided plan so there’s no space for them to fall apart.

On a walk on the North Downs Way we pick bullaces, which are wild damsons. They look like giant sloes, circular in shape whilst damson are ovals. But they hang in clusters like bunches of grapes and there are no prickles on the branches as with sloes.

On Saturday, I go to the fruit and veg stall in the High St and buy bunches of parsley, coriander and mint for 60p each. And with these huge bunches of herbs, there is no need to stint and I make herb relish to go with sausages and lentils, using Diana Henry’s recipe. 

Author: Kate Roxburgh

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