essay writing companyI’m a Londoner who likes to cook, eat and travel and plan it round my life………… or maybe it is the other way round. Looking for beauty throughout the seasons inside and outside.

This blog is to share information about food and travel with recommendations, tips and hints from my own experiences. Cooking and eating and going away and reading and going to the theatre and visiting art galleries are things I’ve always done. Photography and gardening are relatively new in my life. Going  up mountains is in temporary abeyance at the moment because I am waiting to have a knee operation which is why I have time to write this blog.

Buying cookery books is my indulgence, both brand new ones and ones from charity shops and book sales to fill in gaps in my collection  But I do cook from them and I want a personal record of what I have made which I can share.

I cook for family and friends. I can’t say with all our frenetic lives we eat together all the time but sitting down at the table and sharing a meal with each other and catching up on the day’s news is precious.  So is having a cup of tea and a piece of cake with a neighbour at the weekend or having friends round for a meal.

When I eat out, I like places with delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and good service. These could be anywhere from a beachside seafood shack to a Michelin starred restaurant.  The common denominator is that I’ve had a good time.

On holiday, food is a major part of the experience. I like self catering where I am free to go where I please to eat out, and also to shop and cook the local food. I am not averse to staying in a hotel, mainly in small independently run establishments.

I once went on a backpacking holiday to Italy with my best friend. We went to Ravello and I rhapsodised about the view. She said to me, ‘Kate you don’t have to tell me about wonderful the view is, I can see it. too’ But maybe in this blog, I will write about something and then you will go and experience it yourself. Nothing would please me more.

PS. I pay for it all myself.
















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