Sausage rolls with chutney

The lawn is now covered with wildflowers and we just let them grow and don’t mow the grass for a while. The clumps of cowslips cluster by the side of the lawn and under the apple tree.

Cowslips in the garden
Cowslips in the garden

The big square border is also bursting into flower with the grape hyacinths leading the way, standing tall against the fence.

Grape hyacinths in the garden
Grape hyacinths in the garden

After writing about some virtuous salads, it’s time to think about carbs with some chunky sausage rolls. I like to use lots of sausage and not too much pastry. They are great for a picnic or for a long walk because you have the sausage and chutney altogether in one package and you can just wrap them in some foil and put them in your pocket for when you are feeling hungry.  I used a ready rolled packet of all butter puff pastry, ( buying one with butter is most important,) some Fine Winds sausage meat, ( the butcher by Melton Station) and some of my own apple chutney.

Sausage and chutney rolls
Sausage and chutney rolls


Packet of ready roll all butter puff pastry

800g sausage meat or sausage taken out of the sausage skins.

Few spoonfuls apple chutney or your favourite chutney.

One egg, beaten


1.Unroll the pastry and cut lengthways into two. Divide the sausagemeat into two and then into two long rolls and put to one side of each bit of pastry.

2. Add some chutney along the length of each roll of meat and then roll the pastry over. Pinch the joins so the filling doesn’t run out.

3. Brush with beaten egg and cook for 20 minutes at 200C so that the sausagemeat cooks right through

Author: Kate Roxburgh

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