Smoked trout and celeriac, apple, fennel salad.

It’s October 12 and we had our lunch in the garden today. Long may this Indian summer continue. It’s apple season and it’s tempting to just fill the blog with recipes using apples from the apple trees in the garden.  I am trying to use apples in savoury ways and this crunchy celeriac, fennel and apple salad goes really well with smoked trout from Pinneys . I went shopping in a T shirt this morning and the shadows in the picture are from the sun shining on the table.

I’ve also made blackberry and apple jam and apple chutney and we’ve have had  blackberry and apple crumbles,  baked apples, an almond and apple cake  and an apple and honey cake. I am freezing stewed apple like crazy for quick puddings and to go with pork and pancakes.

Laden with apples
Tree laden with apples

As ‘The Great British Bake Off’ has been delighting us on TV, I tried one of  Mary Berry’s apple cake recipes which got a big thumbs up as the apple layer in the middle meant it wasn’t dry. The recipe makes enough to fill a Swiss roll sized tin so it’s great for packed lunches as it lasted all week.

Mary Berry Dorset apple cake


Celeriac, apple and fennel salad

I only made enough for two as I like it when everything is crunchy and fresh but it’s easy to scale up the amounts if cooking for more.  Sometimes when I’ve made this, I’ve put in some chopped dill as well but I didn’t happen to have any today.

100g celeriac, peeled and cut into matchsticks

100g fennel, cut into matchsticks

100g apple, cut into matchsticks

Tbsp yoghurt

Tbsp mayonnaise

Zest and juice of half a lemon

Half tsp mustard powder (optional)

Mix everything together in a  bowl and season to taste,

Author: Kate Roxburgh

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